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Preferred Partner: Adapture


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Main Contact:

Laura Burdine // // 678-495-1620

Top Focus Areas:

  • Cybersecurity Consulting, Architecture Design, and Professional Services
  • Cloud Consulting, Architecture Design, and Professional Services
  • Infrastructure and Networking Design and Professional Services
  • Hardware and Maintenance Procurement

Points of Differentiation:

We work closely with our clients on every project, walking through a comprehensive methodology that focuses on strategy, satisfies industry regulations, and ultimately achieves business goals. It’s common for our solutions architects to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, who often think of our experts as extended members of their own teams.

Business Case Study:

High Speed Transit Meets High Speed Wi-Fi

We provided wi-fi services through one of our partners for a renowned multinational aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturer, based in Canada. The company began with producing snowmobiles, and over the years it has grown into a large manufacturer of mass transportation equipment, aerospace equipment, and a provider of financial services. The company is now a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate organization.

Business Challenges

The global company designs most of the high speed, local, and metro trains in Europe. When a train pulls into the station, all of the diagnostic information that the train collects during its journey needs to be uploaded to the servers, checked, and sent back to the train. In years past, someone would physically connect a LAN cable to the train to download the information. Today, the information is sent wireless. However, today’s changing technology requires more and more data to be downloaded each time the train arrives at the station. Originally a train would have a maximum of 200 mbts per arrival, while today it is upwards of 2 GB. The solution provider working this account reached out to ADAPTURE to design a new wireless solution including installation, implementation and configuration, providing channel-alternative maintenance of the installed networking hardware across six different locations in Europe.

Solution Requirements

The customer wanted a turnkey solution designed, conceptualized, and implemented as a working solution. There were several requirements to make this solution fully functional for the client. We needed to design a solution that would stay connected to Wi-Fi, download the data, get the data through the firewall, upload to the off-site server, and get the data back to the train before leaving the station. The site constraints needed to be evaluated, including the 600-volt power lines hanging over the tracks. Onsite predictive testing using Air Magnet Survey Pro and a Cisco kit and signal propagation was needed to ensure the signal reached 200 meters in both directions so the train would stay connected. Computer modeling was needed to plan where the APs would go and the physical APs were used to test the computer model and make changes to design.

Our Solutions

The customer’s previous plan would not work according to their download requirements. According to the same system of communication over Wi-Fi, we gave the client a general plan on how to create a new wireless solution, but with a different way of controlling the signal. Upon the finalization of the design, a bill of materials was created for the networking equipment and the cabling. Everything was installed and tested onsite to guarantee the train data output performing optimally. Onsite maintenance was then provided to a total of six locations.


  • All onsite maintenance
    managed under one provider
  • Turnkey solution
    custom-built for the client
  • An ongoing partner as
    technology evolves


ADAPTURE is a forward-thinking IT solutions provider, focusing on comprehensive infrastructure services, strategic cloud innovation, and excellence in proactive IT security.

With a wealth of experience and intellectual capital, combined with the collective expertise of our hand-selected network of partners, ADAPTURE is equipped to be your trusted IT advisor. We are here to guide you in the development of your organization’s technology goals and the deployment of industry-leading solutions that will help you reach them.

ADAPTURE was founded in 2013. Since its inception, ADAPTURE has experienced tremendous growth and emerged as a power player in the IT security and cloud services space, delivering best-in-class solutions to the Fortune 1000.