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Preferred Partner: Foresite


Location: Overland Park, KS

Main Contact: Tracy Fox // // 860-921-8683

Top Focus Areas:

  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Cybersecurity/Compliance consulting
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Points of Differentiation:

  • Very competitive pricing model
  • Depth of experience on our team
  • More consultative approach
  • 90 day retainer grace period

For our ProVision MSSP solution:

ProVision Vs other MSSPs:

  • Flexibility in tailoring solutions
  • Communication via assigned TAM
  • Co-management of firewalls
  • Fixed cost device-based pricing

ProVision Vs SIEM tools:

  • Lower cost of entry
  • Less ongoing resources from client
  • Tuning provided as part of service
  • Not billed by bandwidth, events, or other usage

Business Success Story:

Reseller had law firm client that they sold firewalls to every 5 years or so, who contacted them for help with HIPAA compliance related to a malpractice case.  Foresite was able to step in and perform a HIPAA Gap Assessment.  This led to some remediation projects for the Reseller, and the firm also began using Foresite’s ProVision monitoring solution instead of relying on a tool they had purchased, but had a hard time maintaining and monitoring 24/7/65.  We also did a follow up project to help the firm align with the NIST Cyber Security Framework so Foresite could provide a 3rd party attestation of compliance with NIST CSF for their stakeholders (Commercial insurers, clients, Board, shareholders, etc.).

By leveraging Foresite to provide the cybersecurity and compliance services they didn’t have internally, the Reseller turned this client from 10% margin on hardware every 5 years to a recurring stream of service revenue, averaging $20,000/year at 25% margin to the Reseller.


Foresite combines cybersecurity and compliance expertise with our proprietary tools and Security Operations Center to provide customized solutions for our Reseller Channel that help them identify areas of risk, provide visibility and threat correlation, and a pool of trained resources to assist with firewall management, ongoing testing, compliance consulting and incident response.