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Preferred Partner: Vernon Computer Source

Vernon Computer Source

Location: Raleigh, NC

Main Contact: Kevin Lenard // // 919-354-1578

Top Focus Areas:

  • Computer Rentals
  • White Glove Services (imaging, asset tagging, etching, chrome enrollment)
  • Hardware Repair Depot
  • Asset Recovery

Points of Differentiation:

  • Vernon covers the gap that leasing doesn’t, which is a year or less.
  • Regarding our white glove services, we re-package the equipment into power pack containers. This avoids extra packaging to have removed once the equipment arrives at the final destination.

Business Success Story:

In June, 2017, a reseller out of Charlotte reached out to Vernon. He had a customer with complex imaging needs on a large number of machines. His customer, needed assistance in building an image, deploying it, and shipping to 170 individual locations where its U.S. consultants work throughout the country from home, or a remote office.

The end customer works with hospitals in the U.S. as contractors for different kinds of reporting using multiple software applications. Without any local IT support, as their IT is currently in India, they needed to use a local partner in order to get the consultants their machines in a timely manner.


The end customer required a base image consisting of Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 2016, and Adobe reader on each machine; which was then secured with McAfee disk encryption. On top of that, there were individual software applications that had to be installed after the base image was deployed. The specific software varied from machine-to-machine, based on each employee’s job description. The additional software included Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual Studio, SnagIt 12, IBM SPSS Statistics 21, IBM Netezza ODBC Driver, DQ Analyzer 9, Log Parser 2.2, LinkPoint for Salesforce, Microsoft Offile Live Meeting 2017, BlueCoat, LogMeIn, and Intune.

After the specific software was loaded onto a machine based off the specific user, Vernon then joined each machine to the customer’s domain in order to push a few final HIPAA compliant settings.

Once each machine had been joined to the domain and the customer verified everything looked correct, Vernon then repackaged each machine for shipment, and shipped to the 170 individual locations.

Vernon was also able to provide a detailed list to the end user containing the tracking information and serial number for each specific machine and shipping location.

Both the reseller and end user were very pleased with the overall project, as Vernon delivered all of the imaged machines by the September 1 deadline. Vernon was able to accomplish this by working directly with the end user troubleshooting any issues that arose with the image process.

The reseller was exceptionally happy because Vernon gave him the capability to ship all 170 machines directly to Vernon’s warehouse while the image was developed with the end user. This means he did not lose his volume discount on the machines with distribution, as all 170 shipped at once. Also, a project like this is not something a distribution partner is able to accommodate, so if Vernon wasn’t able to intervene, the deal would have been lost.

Because Vernon was able to assist, the reseller ended up with a deal that contained $60,000 in gross profit.

Vernon gives resellers the flexibility to handle a project on a customer’s time schedule. We can work directly with your customers to develop, test, and build an image. Or, we can simply capture and deploy one. However, if your customer is working on a rollout scenario where not all machines are needed at once or at the same location, Vernon can take receipt of the equipment and warehouse it until your customer is ready for it to ship.


Vernon Computer Source is a short-term services company providing imaging, asset tagging, warehousing, and short-term computer rentals. Vernon is very flexible with our rates, working to meet the needs of our customers in whatever way we can.