Security Solutions

Throughout the world, companies are finding that major data breaches are on the forefront of the news. Targeted attacks using malware, unpatched vulnerabilities and unsecure credentials can take a malicious turn resulting in data manipulation, corruption or destruction. Breaches can cost businesses millions of dollars for investigations and response measures as well as loss of customers and a tarnished brand image.

These concerns are not limited to large enterprises. Even small and niche businesses can become the targets of attackers. This has put security at the top of IT decision-makers priority lists.

Infrastructure security and data protection requirements vary from industry to industry and business to business. As an Ingram Micro partner, you have access to a variety of vendor products and solutions to help support the needs of your client. And you can add value to the sale through professional services such as penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, mobility management and more. We have national coverage with local support, industry knowledge and the right technology partnerships to help your clients fortify their security environments.