Target business outcomes.

Time for Change: Selling the Outcome

By Alan C. Brawn CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSSP, ISF-C In the beginning of technology sales, we sold features. In those days this was the “wow” factor revealing things that has heretofore been non-existent or impractical. As new technologies seemingly came out of the woodwork, buyers became more knowledgeable and sophisticated and as a result the […]

Protect Home Base with Security Spring Training

As an IT Professional, you know the value of having a strong security posture; you’ve got your firewalls in place, endpoint protection on all your employee laptops, and appropriate access measures in place to ensure that only the right people have access to secured documents and data…but did you know that a large portion of […]

Prepare for These Three Cyberattack Vectors

Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to undermine your cybersecurity. To be successful, these attackers rely on your ignorance of common cyberattacks. This article will give you a high-level overview of three routine attack vectors that anyone who uses the internet can fall prey to. DDoS A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is […]