Services Portfolio

Services Portfolio

Managing an in-house IT department that is staffed and certified to keep up with new technologies can be challenging for any business. The ability to leverage the expertise of a technology service provider to manage these new challenges can be advantageous for any organization.

Ingram Micro Professional Services offers all of our IT solutions through the Ingram Micro Link portal. We provide direct access to thousands of providers so you can request services as needed. You can leverage service provider for everything from simple desktop system setups to advanced virus fighting — leaving you time to focus on your growing business.

Assessments, Planning & Design

Deliver solutions aligned to your customer’s business requirements. Our services methodology begins with Assessments, Planning & Design Services aimed at improving and optimizing your customer’s existing IT environment, identifying critical issues and mapping them to potential solutions. Get assistance from service professionals to help plan for upgrades and upcoming deployments.

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Installation & Deployment

Leverage the expertise of experienced professionals you can help you plan, install, configure and test the proposed solution. They’ll provide the oversight and management of all the people, processes and technology for the project so they all come together at the right time and the right place to meet the expected business results. [services cat=”Implement” ref=”Services Portfolio”]


Work with technical specialists to manage, monitor and support your customer’s IT environment to help them reduce operational costs, increase productivity and free up valuable resources so they can focus on their business. [services cat=”Manage” ref=”Services Portfolio”]


When technology failures occur, they can be painful. Use Support Services to spot problems early and restore service or resolve problems quickly. And when assets have reached the end of their lifecycle, ensure they are disposed of safely and securely. [services cat=”Support” ref=”Services Portfolio”]