Rethinking IT Asset Disposition

The value proposition for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) may have originated in sustainability, but cybersecurity is beginning to edge out environmental concerns as the top reason for organizations to adopt ITAD. And with data breaches, identity theft, ransomware, and other cyber threats constantly making headlines, cybersecurity is much more at the forefront of the public consciousness. In short, expect the appetite for ITAD to grow with the appetite for new technology. If your VAR practice isn’t currently offering IT Asset Disposition services, then it’s time to rethink that decision. Ingram Micro Professional & Training Services can help.

Responsible Disposal of IT Assets

For the layperson, sustainability is a catchall buzzword that is synonymous with environmental protection, but it’s actually much more. Sustainability is designed to protect three areas: the environment, people, and the economy. In terms of business, companies that practice sustainability manage their environmental footprint and work toward worker and customer safety, which ensures that company revenue isn’t impacted by bad actions. More and more investors are taking sustainability into account with responsible investing, and consumers are becoming less forgiving when a company is caught behaving badly. As such, having an effective IT Asset Disposition program in place is a must in today’s technology-focused world.

Unfortunately, not every ITAD service is created equally. In 2016, the Basel Action Network (BAN), an environment watchdog group, placed GPS tracking devices in hundreds of printers and computer monitors that were scheduled for disposition. BAN watched as these assets traveled through 168 different recycling centers with 45% of the assets ended up in illegal scrap yards in developing countries. An ITAD program that ends up hurting the environment in the long run is the opposite of sustainability.

The ITAD service provided by Professional & Training Services prioritizes sustainability by practicing responsible recycling. As a certified e-Stewards Electronics recycler, we adhere to stringent recycling requirements of electronic waste and ensure we are compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Your client can rest assured that we take sustainability seriously.

Cybersecurity to the Very End

There was a time in living memory when cybersecurity was a distant concern when it came to IT Asset Disposition. Even today, after countless exposés revealing how much information could be pulled off a company printer, there doesn’t appear to be the same kind of data protection education for asset management as there is for other cyber threats, like ransomware and phishing scams. It’s up to IT resellers to reinforce this vulnerability in the minds of their customers. That hard work is beginning to pay off.

In a recent informal survey of its customers, a large asset management company discovered that 76% of its respondents rated Managing Data Security & Privacy Risks as “critically important”, edging out Managing Environmental Risks for the top concern for the first time. IT resellers are already talking to customers about our best-in-class Networking Security Services. It’s the perfect time to attach IT Asset Disposition services as well.

Our ITAD services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets and consumer electronics throughout their lifecycle in compliance with environmental and data security regulations. With over 100 global locations, we manage the entire asset chain-of-custody seamlessly to provide secure and sustainable reverse logistics solutions. Here are just a few Ingram Micro advantages:

Data Erasure and Destruction

Onsite and offsite degaussing, erasure, and physical shredding services coupled with an industry-leading chain-of-custody process mitigate the risks of a data security breach.

De-Installation and Asset Removal

Onsite service technicians perform hardware de-installations and onsite serialized audits in the office and the data center. Our experienced technicians de-install over 50,000 servers annually.


Most pickups in the US are completed with our employees and exclusive-use trucks. Onsite services include packaging and palletizing assets to prepare them for shipment.

If your customer doesn’t have an effective ITAD program in place, then they aren’t really secure. Ingram Micro Professional & Training Services can help you fulfill a necessary service for them. Learn more today!