Contain the Data, Not the Device

Let’s face it. There’s nothing stopping the progression of the mobility market space. Manufacturers continue to push the envelope
of the next generation device that lives in our pocket or purse including “wearables,” giving us notifications, alerts, text messages and more. We’re constantly surrounded with technology that is becoming smarter. But, what happens when we need to use our personal mobile device to access our corporate data? Most of us ar e familiar with the term, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) — and corporations are usually offering one of the two options.

The biggest risk is when we use our personal device to access and obtain sensitive corporate data. When you want to use your device to access corporate data, you have to install a security profile on your mobile device which gives the initial credentials to authenticate your mobile device to the corporate directory. This profile is managed and maintained through a corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

This software has the capabilities to remotely “wipe” or delete all the data on the device when someone loses their phone or is no longer with the company. The problem is that some MDM software cannot identify what is corporate data and what is personal data. The WHOLE device gets deleted including all of the family pictures!

Educate yourselves on the newest trend for MDM software known as “dual persona” or “secure container” technology. This creates a separate corporate profile on your smart device so that it can be SELECTIVELY wiped of all traces of the corporate data yet preserves your personal data.

This technology also has the ability to control how users interact with the data. Policies like blocking cut-copy-paste, export to a different app or even prevent deleting an app or document on your smart device can be set. Ingram Micro is here to help. We not only deliver supply chain and distribution solutions across the full spectrum of the mobile device lifecycle, we also offer Wireless Network Assessments through Professional Services and various certification courses from Ingram Micro Training. Discover why solution providers choose us as their preferred channel partner.