MSP for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Business on the Cloud enables organizations to gain greater value, flexibility, collaboration, security, and competitiveness. According to the 2016 top 10 global market predictions made by IDC – over 50% of organizations’ IT spending will be for third-platform technologies (cloud, mobile, social business, and Big Data) by 2017, whereas, solutions and services will increase by over 60% by 2020. IDC also reported that cloud-based IT spending will at least be 50% by 2018, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure, and 60-70% of technology spending on all software and services by 2020.

The US government, which is the biggest cloud user in the world, spends more than $2 billion annually on its cloud services. Based on a survey report, NSK Inc. stated that more than 82% of companies that migrated to the cloud have saved on costs, and more than 14% of them downsized their IT after cloud adoption.

After choosing your Cloud Service Provider (AWS, Google, or Microsoft) for services that best match your environment needs – moving your operations to the cloud is only the first step.

An article published by analyst Jeff Kaplan on IaaS price wars mentioned that “AWS, Google, Microsoft and other leading IaaS providers are not equipped to offer the lifecycle of support services to meet their customers’ end-to-end implementation and management needs. Instead, they have designed their IaaS offerings to be highly standardized and structured their services to be delivered in an automated fashion. Although their IaaS solutions can be configured to meet the specific needs of a particular customer, properly configuring them requires specialized skills that the service providers are not incented to support.”

To leverage the benefits of cloud, you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) by hiring and training resources to manage your cloud infrastructure, tools, and applications – or; the other option is to let a Cloud MSP run it for you. Successful businesses like yours find it wise to focus on what they do best and let the specialists like Cloud MSPs do the rest.

A recent Forrester report stated that though the hybrid cloud offers a myriad of benefits to organizations, it also brings challenges such as complexity, lack of integration, and visibility across different cloud services. Therefore, IT heads are now recognizing the need for cloud monitoring, governance, visibility into security and performance, and integration with a broad range of cloud solutions.

A Cloud MSP can provide functional and technical expertise to your cloud by way of incorporating new solutions into your business, resolving new issues quickly, reducing redundant tasks and assisting your employees in focusing on business-critical functions.

The cloud provider’s skilled technical staff can quickly adapt to your applications and technology. They can work with your super users to quickly resolve problems by getting to the root cause and prevent them from occurring in the future – leading to continuous improvement.

You can choose which IT function you want to manage in-house – computing, storage, networks, and operating systems – and leave the rest to the provider to manage it for you. Your Cloud MSP can monitor and optimize your cloud infrastructure by using their IT Help Desk and NOC service operations.

The question you must ask yourself is – Do you have the time, expertise, and budget to efficiently manage your existing cloud infrastructure? Or, are you still waiting to adopt cloud? A poll conducted by Computer Technology Industry Association revealed that 46% of people who used the services of MSPs saved 25% or more on total IT costs.

Here are some of the main advantages of having an MSP manage your cloud:

• End-to-end support of your cloud infrastructure

• Highly scalable solutions that fit your business needs

• Reduce time of resolution to improve your customer satisfaction

• Low-cost services that enable you to easily budget for ongoing requirements

• Gain actionable insights to provide business value to your customers

• Painless Cloud migration with 24×7 support

• Easy upgrades 

• Easily accessible Centralized Management tool

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