Spotlight On: Ingram Micro’s Configuration and Integration Center

People, Passion & Pride 

Ingram Micro’s Configuration & Integration Center – Millington, TN
By Nina Buik


By all standards of industry and business measurement, Ingram Micro is a large company. With annual revenue of $46B and growing, 26,000 plus employees, a few hundred thousand business partners, and an admirable #62 on the Fortune 500, a view from the outside might render the belief that Ingram Micro may be challenging to navigate. In this first of a series of spotlight articles, we will chart a course to one of Ingram Micro’s hidden gems, the Configuration and Integration Services team in Millington, TN.

Millington is located about a half an hour from Memphis and has a population of about 10,000 of which approximately 4% are employees at Ingram Micro’s massive distribution, configuration and integration facility.  From the outside, you see a large non-descript warehouse structure with an Ingram Micro sign.  Once inside, you feel like you’ve entered another world.  There is the hustle and bustle of forklifts moving pallets of product, thousands of feet of multilevel conveyor lines and hundreds of people dedicated to the success of the operation.


A large area of the facility is dedicated to configuration and integration.  Whether associates are huddling to design a solution or teaching a new associate how to configure and test a new laptop, the passion with which they approach their work is incredibly impressive.  The technicians and engineers that support configuration and integration functions are all dedicated to perfection, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.  “We are determined to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations,” says Maurice Dawson, Configuration Services Manager.

Services supported by Millington include rack and server configuration, asset tagging, kitting, engraving, and one of its newer services, secure key injection. Introduced in 2015, the key injection service compliments Ingram Micro’s multi-vendor EMV compliant solutions. The service required Ingram Micro to pass the electronic payment industry’s PCI PIN Security Requirements and Accredited Standards Committee’s TR-39 audit.  Both tests are complex, time-intensive and require companies to have in-depth technical knowledge and dedicated internal resources.

The associates at the Millington facility complete every project with enormous pride and satisfaction.  In an organization focused on value, there is no greater metric than the combination of customer satisfaction and the passion of the people that serve them.  Each day they enter the building, they are faced with a new opportunity to solve some of the most complex system configurations and each day they face them knowing that together they will find a solution.  “There may be a thousand reasons why something will not work, but it only takes one method to develop a solution.  If there’s a way, we will find it,” says Dawson.

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