Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Why Lead with Assessments?

Imagine you have a large test to take. You’ve readied your pens and tried to study, but the material of this test is unknown. With the Ingram Micro Professional Services Assessment portfolio, you have the answer key before you even sit down in the testing room. Ingram Micro Professional Services provides a suite of assessment services that will help you to create configurations and identify deficiencies for your customers before embarking on a full implementation.

For example, the Wireless Network Assessment (WNA) provides a specific floor plan and map of access point placement and channel selection. The WNA should be performed before the purchase of access points, as the assessment will define the need. In turn, spend is not wasted on unnecessary hardware during the implementation phase.

Objection #1 – My technicians don’t have enough time to complete an assessment: The Ingram Micro Professional Services team helps to augment your staff to deliver services out in the field. There’s no need to take technicians off of already-assigned tasks; our seasoned professionals go out and perform the assessments on your behalf. Our technicians stay up to date on all of the newest technologies and configurations so that your business can rely on our expertise.

Objection #2 – My customer doesn’t want to pay for an assessment:  Ever heard of spending money to ultimately save money? This is the case with assessments. Assessment services define the scope of the project before hardware/software solutions are purchased, which saves your customer money and avoids unnecessary purchases. The necessities are defined and quoting is more accurate. You also do not need to send your own technicians out into the field, avoiding excess travel expenses and lost work hours.

Objection #3 – I don’t see the need for an assessment: Assessment services help you to provide a solution to your customer with a high level of certainty. This will help you to solidify your role as the trusted advisor with the help of our expert staff and accurate initial quote.

Now you’re back at that testing desk, however you’re armed with the answer key. You know exactly what is on the test and how to approach it – you’re armed for success. Set your partners up with the same level of certainty and accuracy with Ingram Micro’s Professional Services assessments.

For more information on our suite of assessment services, please reach out to the Ingram Micro Professional Services team at