Saving Time, Money — and Your Reputation

Any technology reseller attempting to grow your customer base faces a very competitive landscape. What are you doing to distinguish yourself from the others? Maybe you’re expanding your business to include professional services along with your hardware offering. Perhaps you have had some success locally with installations on a small scale and ar e ready to try landing some larger customers. Or maybe through a merger or acquisition, your customer now has multiple locations across the region or nationally.

Now what do you do? You’ve proven your success at a single site or multiple single sites, but you may not have the bandwidth to perform day after day on an expanded level. Do you have the systems, processes and personnel in place to handle the job? You realize that your reputationis on the line.

Being contracted to rollout any number of technologies like IP security cameras, wir eless networks, digital signage or POS systems across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of locations in a short time frame is challenging for even the best organizations.

That was exactly the challenge for one partner reseller. The customer, a national footwear retailer, wanted to install a new POS solution with multiple registers, scanners and printers at each location across the country —2,500 of them! The reseller had a skilled field team — but couldn’t be in that many locations at one time. That’s when they contacted Ingram Micro Deployment Services for help.

With over 20,000 independent technicians across the United States and Canada, Deployment Services took full responsibility for the project. The Project Management Office (PMO) worked with the reseller to supplement their experienced field team. With the reseller’s team serving as “lead technicians”, the Project Manager from Deployment Services was able to locally source “assistants” for these “leads” freeing them to travel to the locations requiring their attention.

The PMO team was also responsible for scheduling each site and staff technicians, handling site escalations and reviewing/archiving all the documentation. Through the proprietary Deployment Services Project Database (DSPD), there was continuous reporting on all aspects of the project. The customer had access to site schedules, work orders, completion photos, equipment tracking and site specific notes for quick and easy reference. The DSPD even sent automated email notifications with the site status so they weren’t tied to the computer to get updates. In just 5 months, Deployment Services visited and installed the new POS solution as well as cabled an Access Point for wireless connectivity at each of those 2,500 locations!

Scalable, Rapidly Deployable Workforce
From payment terminals and POS systems to self-service kiosks and security cameras, Ingram Micro Deployment Services is helping businesses like yours take deployment services to a new level. Even smaller organizations are able to achieve to new heights by leveraging the managed virtual workforce to provide the best project management and deployment solutions to customers. Respond to project requirements regardless of skill set, location, platform, manufacturer or industry giving you the ability to compete on projects outside your local area. Deployment Services can take full responsibility for the project and serve as the single point of contact during the entire process.

If you’ve ever passed on opportunities because you didn’t have sufficient labor for onsite visits or the project management staff, Deployment Services has the solution for you. The ability to handle large projects with ease is crucial to your reputation and to your customer. Add revenue to your bottom line, expand your nationwide footprint and become a trusted advisor to your customer with Ingram Micro Deployment Services.