Identify the Holes in Your “Human Network”

While the news of the latest cyber-attack are headlines in the security world, it has been revealed that the biggest threats to a company’s security lies much closer to home with their employees. While these folks don’t necessarily have to be malicious to put the company at risk, they may not understand the security risks associated with their behavior and their role in protecting business critical information.

Social engineering has become one of the prevalent attack methods in use today, and social engineering test assessments are now a must for organizations to understand the real-world threats to their business. These assessments can help identify the potential holes in the “human network” to prevent information breaches and to strengthen the company’s security and compliance posture.

Employees represent a possible weak link in security for many organizations — and social engineering tests can identify these holes by utilizing a mix of automated and manual tests in conjunction with customized scripts that can be used in both telephone and email scenarios to persuade employees to give credentials or other sensitive information.

Ingram Micro Professional Services has now introduced the Social Engineering Test Assessment to complement our Network Penetration Test and Web Application Vulnerability Assessments. And from Ingram Micro Training, our new CyberSAFE Employee Training Program provides a 1/2 day training session to help organizations increase their security posture quickly and with minimal investment by ensuring that end-users are equipped with the knowledge necessary to be good stewards of their organization’s data.

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