The New Future of Technology Recruiting

Technology positions can be hard to fill — no two businesses, positions or hiring managers are the same. Clients’ needs differ — some may be looking for a team of contract experts who can quickly and effectively ramp up and deliver results on a new technology being adopted. Another company may be looking to fill a critical leadership position in a highly-sensitive market. 

Filling these positions can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Hours are spent posting positions, weeding through resumes and trying to find the best candidates to fill  open positions.

To improve the chances of filling a technology job that fits the company’s requirements and expectations, many are considering enlisting the help of an IT staffing agency. They can play a critical role in helping companies find talent.

Make finding top IT talent easier with IT Staffing Services. 

Deep networks of talented candidates. Staffing agencies have deep networks of passive candidates which gives them a sourcing and speed advantage and the ability to find top candidates quickly.

Understand the real job needs. With recruitment firms specializing in technology, they understand the real job needs as well as the hiring manager needs. Recruiters who specialize in placing technology candidates stay on top of current trends and skills that are in demand in the industry.

They know their candidates. Recruiters at technology staffing agencies make it their mission to understand candidate skills, experiences and work preferences. They can do the heavy lifting when it comes finding the right candidate and instead of eating up valuable resources eliminating unqualified job candidates.

IT Staffing firms offer a unique opportunity to fill technology positions. They have the tools, flexibility and freedom to work with their clients to develop a solution that fits the unique needs of their clients. Learn how Ingram Micro’s IT Staffing Services can help you and your clients find the right candidates in this highly competitive technology hiring market.