4 Services to Make You a Game-Changer

In the channel, it can be easy to feel like you’re just another reseller trying to make a difference amongst all the competitors. What can help you to stand out and rise to the top of the ranks? Wrapping services around your hardware and software sales in order to provide your customers with a full solution that meets their needs. Here at Ingram Micro Professional Services, we call this becoming a game-changer – and here’s 4 services to help you get there:

Wireless Network Assessment

Your customers have WiFi in all parts of their business, whether it be in a waiting room for customer satisfaction, in a back office for business operations, or in a warehouse for inventory tracking. With these networks comes the need for always-up connectivity – and a Wireless Network Assessment can help you to ensure this is the case.

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Social Engineering Assessment

You’ve heard the stories on the news – a hacker calls an unsuspecting employee, targeting them for network or login information. The next thing they know, their records have been stolen and the network compromised. Could this happen in your organization? Find out for sure with a Social Engineering Assessment, which spoofs employees with fake emails, calls, and landing pages to determine if information security best practices are being adhered to in your organization.

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Quarterly Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is required to maintain compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other legal structures, so it’s likely you’ve set up your end users with a yearly scan to check the box to maintain compliancy. However, in today’s world where threats are evolving by the hour, is a yearly scan really enough to protect valuable customer information? Setting up quarterly penetration testing helps you to protect your customers from costly information breaches.

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Deployment and Installation Services

You want to be able to meet the install and troubleshooting needs of all of your customers, but it can be expensive to send a technician to each location – especially those far-flung geographies. Our deployment and installation services allow you to have capable, certified hands in the US and beyond. For large-scale implementations generally seen in retail, fast food, and other large enterprises, we add project management to ensure that your projects are completed on time, on budget, and within scope. Whatever the size of the engagement – one installation or hundreds – Ingram Micro is there to support your needs.

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