Big Business Transformation Center Win!

The Business Transformation Center in Buffalo, NY has had an amazing summer helping partners to transform their business from product-centric to solution-centric. With product demos, proof of concept presentations, and solution-building sessions, our Business Transformation Engineers are excited to host you!

Check out this great success story from one of our Sr. Sales Executives, Joe Pelonero:

“While discussing solutions with a new customer, it became clear that they could benefit from additional expertise in HPE Synergy and 3PAR for an opportunity that they were pursuing. Knowing the power of the Business Transformation Center, I suggested that we arrange for a meeting with the end user client in our Buffalo facility to help demonstrate the capabilities around the HPE solution set.

The scheduling process was extremely flexible and accommodating, as nailing down an exact date wasn’t that easy with multiple parties involved.  Once we finalized the date, I worked with Business Transformation Engineer Jon Busshart to host a prep meeting with the customer to ensure we would cover exactly what they needed.

Once we embarked on our engagement in the Business Transformation Center, Jon knocked it out of the park! His knowledge and expertise drove an amazing amount of confidence into the end user representative, and it was clear that they felt that our reseller partner had the correct backing from Ingram to support their needs.  A month later, we received the POs from the customer totaling $750,000!!! 

It was a fabulous win made possible by the Business Transformation Center.  In addition, we ran the program through the new financing program, Direct Express, adding one more value to this customer through Ingram Micro. 

I can’t thank the Business Transformation Center team enough for making this deal happen!!!”

To learn more about how you can build full solutions via the Business Transformation Center, contact us at or book a tour by clicking here!