Endpoint Threat Assessment

Gain Visibility and Control to Defeat Malware Across the Extended Network

Hackers are creating advanced malware that can evade even the best point-in-time detection tools, like antivirus and intrusion prevention systems. This leaves IT security teams blind to the scope of a potential compromise and unable to quickly detect and remediate malware before it causes damage.

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints protects PCs, Macs, Linux systems and mobile devices, whether connected to a protected network or roaming on the internet. With AMP for Endpoints, your clients get the visibility and control needed to prevent breaches. And if something gets in, AMP can quickly detect, contain and remediate malware before damage is done. Ingram Micro’s FirePOWER Endpoint Threat Assessment helps identify and validate the Proof-of-Value (PoV) your clients can receive through Cisco’s AMP for Endpoints solution.

Service Overview

Both small and mid-sized businesses as well as distributed enterprises have advanced malware protection needs. Cisco’s AMP solution provides continuous detection, retrospective alerting, threat intelligence, advanced analytics and enterprise capabilities to proactively defend against and rapidly respond to today’s most advanced attacks.

The FirePOWER Endpoint Threat Assessment will help your clients identify and validate the PoV they can receive through Cisco’s AMP for Endpoints solution by defining the organization’s goals and aligning the desired technical and business outcomes with AMP functionality.


An Ingram Micro expert will set up PoV AMP for Endpoints licenses for up to 10 end-user devices including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones, both Apple and Android.

The results of the assessment will be an executive level presentation highlighting the benefits of AMP for Endpoints and an Advanced Malware Report detailing the specific threats identified during the course of the assessment on the selection ten endpoint devices.

Reseller Benefits
  • Increase sales of Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) software licenses.
  • Build “trusted advisor” relationship with customer by identifying risks before they become a problem.
  • Unbiased, third-party assistance designed to achieve the best possible outcome for customer.
  • Increased margins through an expanded services portfolio.
  • Fixed price services eliminates surprises and provides predictable costs.

Market Opportunity
  • Breaches are happening every day and organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to defend themselves.
  • In August 2015, NSS Labs named Cisco AMP the leader in security effectiveness in a comparative test of “breach detection systems”.
  • There are multiple ways to deploy the technology: on networks, endpoints, mobile devices and web/email gateways. Plus, because AMP capabilities can be implemented on current Cisco security products through an AMP subscription, there are great opportunities to upsell to current Cisco installed-base accounts.

Customer Benefits
  • Gain unmatched global threat intelligence to strengthen front-line defenses.
  • Get deep visibility into the origin and scope of a compromise.
  • Rapidly detect, respond to and remediate malware.
  • Prevent costly reinfection and remediation scenarios.
  • Protection everywhere — network, endpoints, mobile devices, email, web — before, during and after an attack.