Infrastructure Assessment

Provide Actionable Data to Help Clients Optimize Their IT Infrastructure and Effectively Plan for Change

Businesses today are constantly evolving to keep up with technology that will make them more competitive. Technologies like virtualization, mobility and unified communications have transformed data centers and the way businesses operate.

The key to change and successfully operating the technology that supports business is proper planning. Agility, performance and manageability will all suffer at a potentially high cost to the business without this.

Service Overview

An Infrastructure Assessment is designed to provide an in-depth look at your client’s network and server infrastructure to assist in uncovering performance issues as well as planning for upgrades or future growth.

The Ingram Micro Expert Technical Architect starts by gathering detailed data about assets, architecture and performance. Simulations can be run to assist with the planning process for upgrades and to validate proposed architecture improvements.

The resulting data from the engagement provides detailed, actionable information about the infrastructure. This holistic view provides a foundation in which to correlate issues and validate the architecture or identify areas requiring improvement.


A detailed report with an IT benchmark score, data on the network and server infrastructure and analysis of the data with recommendations is provided.

  • IT inventory including end-of-life (EOL) devices
  • IT benchmark score
  • Topology diagram
  • Review of top industry-wide IT issues
    • Security vulnerabilities
    • Virtualization candidates
    • Bandwidth bottlenecks
    • Backup failures & critical log events

Additional Options
  • Traffic simulation for a planned upgrade
  • Additional sites, simulations or reports
  • Custom deployment services
  • Training

Reseller Benefits
  • Increased sales for network and server infrastructure upgrades as well as related solutions.
  • Assessments early in the planning process builds “trusted advisor” relationship with customer
  • Unbiased, third-party assistance designed to achieve the best possible outcome for customer based on analytics.
  • Increased margins through an expanded services portfolio.
  • Fixed price services eliminate surprised and provide predictable costs.

Market Opportunity

73% of companies that have had a network analysis have correctable performance problems. An Infrastructure Assessment is designed for organizations looking to get the most out of their network resources and better understand their network traffic patterns.

  • Problems discovered during implementation can cost 30-50x more to resolve than if found in the Planning Phase.
  • 47% have storage latency problems.
  • 36% have spanning tree mis-configurations that are costing them bandwidth.
  • 21% of companies have servers plugged into unsupported LAN equipment.
  • 47% of VMware deployments have CPU over-subscription.

Customer Benefits
  • Improve and optimize. Analyzes data center and virtual infrastructure needs and performance. Saves time and money by making informed decisions before migrating or adding to the infrastructure.
  • Provides detailed analysis. The results from a single engagement will give detailed, actionable information on all the devices.
  • Solve problems faster. Helps identify critical issues and map them directly to potential solutions. Reports determine what the problem is, where it originates and why it occurs — eliminates “finger-pointing”.
  • Unbiased evaluation. Independent, third-party assessment of the network and server infrastructure based on industry best practices.