Meeting Room Management Services

Using New Technology to Reinvent the Meeting Room

The meeting room is a key area in any business environment – a space for communicating, brainstorming, creating and decision-making. It’s a room that takes up huge amounts of our time during the working week. But too many business meeting rooms are ill-equipped to deal with modern needs of business people – scheduling, multi-presenters sharing screens and wireless devices being the technology of choice. Meeting rooms are often an exasperating experience for everyone involved.

With more organizations embracing trends such as collaboration, mobile working and BYOD, it is becoming more important than ever before to ensure that technology enables productivity and efficiency and the meeting room is a perfect place to start. Ingram Micro’s Meeting Room Management Services can help. Our unique combination of solutions, value-added services and support enables our partners to accelerate sales, enhance profitability and drive innovation in your clients’ meeting spaces.

Service Overview

Ingram Micro provides the hardware, software, cabling and installation services that enable you to successfully sell, service and support complete, end-to-end solutions for your clients’ meeting rooms.

BYOD and Wireless Support
Allow collaboration/sharing from any type of device that meeting participants may use. For example, participants could bring a laptop, tablet PC or mobile phone and connect with ease through the company’s wireless network. Wireless Network Assessments can help provide the optimal coverage, signal strength and throughput.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant
This next generation meeting room booking device resolves hectic meetings seamlessly with a simple, out of the box solution. Display room reservations and book rooms on the spot from a Mac, PC or any mobile device. Joan connects to existing WiFi networks and communicates with the organization’s existing calendar solution to improve and streamline work-flow. Contact IM Link Preferred Provider AMSYS for details.

Deployment Services
Installation services include comprehensive site surveys, pre-sales consultative expertise, cabling and installation capabilities for all of your clients’ meeting room needs. Technicians, available across the U.S. and Canada, can assist with large-screen displays, multimedia and digital cinema projectors and integrated display solutions.

Reseller Benefits
  • Help clients improve collaboration and productivity in their meeting rooms
  • Build a trusted advisor relationship by increasing capabilities without the need of added head count or internal resources
  • Increased margins through an expanded services portfolio

Market Opportunity

According to the Ponemon Institutes annual benchmark study on the cost of data breach incidents for companies in the U.S., the 2014 study reports:

  • The cost of a data breach and the cost per lost/stolen record has increased.
  • Malicious or criminal attacks rather than negligence or system glitches were the main causes of a data breach.
  • Organizations that had a strong security posture or formal incident response plan in place, the average cost of a data breach was reduced.
  • The probability of a material data breach over the next two years is nearly 19%.

Customer Benefits
  • Intelligently manage vulnerabilities. Penetration testing provides detailed information on exploitable security threats so they can be prioritized for remediation, security patches applied and resources allocated where they are needed.
  • Avoid the cost of downtime. Testing helps to avoid financial costs of remediation efforts, legal activities, lowered productivity and more by identifying and addressing risks before breaches occur.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines. Detailed reports can help organizations address some of the requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS and more.
  • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty. Penetration testing helps customer’s avoid data incidents and protect their reputation and trustworthiness.